Do you have a burning desire to know God more but don’t know how or where to begin?

Is the busyness of life leaving you unfulfilled?

Do you long for a real closeness to God and to have a vibrant prayer life?

With an investment of just 20 minutes a day for five days the Deepen Your Prayer Life online course will bring focus and clarity to your prayer life and renew your joy and peace in Christ. This course teaches a simple five-step method of prayer that has been proven effective and continually practiced by Christians for over 1500 years. The rediscovery of this treasure teaches us a simple, effective way to open up spiritual and emotional space for an intentional encounter with Christ—particularly in the midst of our busy, often overscheduled lives.

“It was a refreshing time to my soul.”

God created each of us with a deep longing to be in his presence. This longing is what first opened our hearts and lives to faith in Christ. This longing is what compelled us to accept Jesus’s call to Follow me.

Contemporary Christianity tends to look at our faith as a one-time decision, as a static possession. When viewed as a static possession we tend to think the way to spiritual wholeness is through acquisition of facts and techniques. However, Jesus calls us into relationship. Rather than a static possession he wants to lead us in a dynamic, ever-growing wholeness in him. More than simply being informed by his Word he wants us to be transformed into his image. Our transformation takes place by not just reading God’s Word to gain knowledge but by integrating God’s Word into our lives.

“Our culture has taught us all to charge through every day at high speed and get as much done as possible. I did that for decades and finally had a complete physical breakdown… (This course) was wonderful for me. I have been practicing the four phases of meditative prayer and plan to continue to do so.”

Since the times of the early church this integrating of God’s word into our lives has been accomplished through spiritual practices or disciplines. Many of these spiritual disciplines have been practiced by Christians since the very first centuries of the church but sadly they are not very well known or practiced in today’s evangelical church.

Deepen Your Prayer Life online course will help you recover the spiritual discipline of lectio divina, one of the great treasures of the Christian tradition of prayer. Lectio divina, which is translated holy or sacred reading, is an ancient form of contemplative prayer which the church has practiced for millennia. Lectio divina flows out of the Hebrew method of studying the Scriptures which is called haggadah, learning by heart. This course will teach the Christian version of this spiritual practice working with passages from the Bible.

Although lectio has been practiced by Christians continually since the time of the early church sadly this wonderful, biblically based form of prayer is not very well known in today’s evangelical church. Like the man who found the treasure hidden in a field in Matthew 13, I have not created or formulated any new teachings but have simply rediscovered a long-lost treasure and am seeking to help present-day evangelical Christians recover it.

Now join me on this adventure with a purpose… to know Christ more and to make him more known.

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